2000 Packages in Repository

Late last night I pushed a new batch of StormOS packages and we passed the 2000 mark (2030 to be exact). This includes gcc-4.4, perl-5.10.1 and a load of Perl/Java libraries needed to port the rest of Debian Sid over. I’ve also made some progress on fixing that long standing bug in binutils that can make linking to sun libraries a real pain in the ass.

Thats a hell of alot to be doing single handedly! how much of it builds without modification?

I would guess about 60% of that builds without modification. The problem is a lot of those packages require older versions of themselves (like the java bits) to build which can make things pretty difficult when you’re trying to build the package on StormOS for the first time. Anyway, I have a technique and it appears to be working. A decent specced workstation helps too.

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