Dual Boot Storm and Ubuntu from a Single Disk

If you want to install Storm and Ubuntu to dual boot, from a single disk here is a HOWTO. It probably isn’t the most elegant solution, but it works.
You will need the following:
– a USB stick with enough space to install Storm (2GB is enough)
– a Ubuntu install CD
– a Stormos Install CD

1) Boot the Ubuntu CD
1.1 start gparted and set up the partitions
– sda1, 25G, Primary, unformatted, label “Stormos”// for storm
– sda2, 25G, Primary, unformatted, label “ubuntu”// for ubuntu
– sda3, 25G, Primary, ext3, label “Data”// shared ext3 fs
On my machine I was left (after making 3 equally sized partitions) with a bit of space (roughly 1Gb), which I used for swap. It probably won’t be needed, as the machine has enough RAM.
1.2 Install Ubuntu to sda2, put grub on sda2 (advanced tab in step 7 of ubuntu install)

2) Boot the Stormos CD and install to USB.

3) Boot the Stormos CD, In the Grub screen select “Boot from 1st hard disk” press “e” to edit, Change (hd0,0) to (hd0,1) to boot into your Ubuntu installation
3.1 Open a terminal, run sudo dd if=/dev/sdb1 /of= /dev/sda1
3.2 Use disk manager to change /dev/sda1 to bootable and type solaris, remove boot from /dev/sda2

4) Boot the StormOS cd
4.1 zpool import -R syspool
4.2 mkdir /a
4.3 mount -F zfs syspool/rootfs-nmu-000 /a
4.4 installgrub -f -m /a/boot/grub/stage1 /a/boot/grub/stage2 /dev/rdsk/c0d0s0
4.4? At some point i may also have run /a/boot/solaris/bin/update_grub -R /a, but it was late, and I can’t remember now.
4.5 umount /a
4.5 zfs set mountpoint=legacy syspool
4.6 mount -F zfs syspool /a
4.7 nano /a/boot/grub/menu.lst
add a section:
title Ubuntu 9.10
rootnoverify (hd0,1)
chainloader +1
#———————END BOOTADM——————–
(actually you don’t need the “BOOTADM” comment lines)

4.8 umount /a
4.9 zfs set mountpoint=none syspool

5) You’re done for the moment you can reboot to the disk and check your installation(s)

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