Top Ten Best Operating Systems

Operating Systems

In order to keep up with the ever upgrading technology that pops up every day, it is essential for people to interact with the digital world. This interaction majorly occurs with the help of something called the operating systems or the OS. Some of the best operating systems are:

1) iOS – The operating system of Apple tops the list because of the game-changing impact that it has had on the technologies of the world. The easy to use interface is designed especially for iPhones and iPads and enjoys credibility that matches no other.

2) Android OS – The operating system owned by google since 2005 is the Android OS. Since it was first released in 2008, it has only kept growing. Android even competes with the Apple iOS because of it’s easy to use controls and features.

3) Windows 3.x – This operating system by the Microsoft Desktop was released in the year 1992. It helped to make Windows more user-friendly with its virtual memory and device drivers.

4) Windows 95 – Released in 1995, the version of windows was named Windows 95. It is considered to have revolutionised the Windows platform, which leads to the various upgrades to date. The OS gave a new rigour to personal computing.

5) Google Chrome OS – This OS is known for its lighting quick processing speed that comes with email and cloud functionality. It works excellent in Chromebooks.

6) MAC OS X – Like the other operating systems, this OS went through many upgrades designed by Apple. It is considered to be one of the most innovative designs that Apple has ever come up with. It is a desktop powerhouse that uses the Unix development language.

7) Linux Mint – Unlike the other operating systems, the Linux Mint works perfectly well no matter what type of device you use. It gives the user the liberty to use any kind of software along with being one of the most secure and easily usable operating systems out there.

8) Windows 7 – Windows 7 brought a lot of new features to the Microsoft OS as it came with the much popular adaptations to the technologies of the modern world. It included taskbars that were much smarter, dynamic functionality among the different programs and so on and so forth.

9) Microsoft DOS – The Microsoft Desktop operating System helped the OS to take a leap forward from the rest as it was an Operating System that got work done better than any other OS. It had a speed that was great for processing, loading programs, and installing devices.

10) Windows XP – This OS was a prominent revolutionary when it was released in 2001. Even today, it is widely known as one of the top operating systems that are being used around the world.

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